About us

Since September 2014, we are the proud owners of Chalet Eisenrose, part of the Smaragdresort in Bramberg am Wildkogel, Austria.

The Smaragdresort is a small complex consisting of three 1-floor apartments, eight 2-floor apartments and ten 3-floor Chalets. The chalets host a modern design combined with traditional local materials: stone from Rauris and wood from the Pinzgauer region.

Bramberg am Wildkogel and its surroundings are famous for the many gems to be found like emeralds, rhinestones and hematites. A special form of hematite is shaped like a rose, to which our chalet thanks its name to: Eisenrose.

From the moment we first arrived at Bramberg am Wildkogel we felt at home. Its people are welcoming and there is a friendly, quiet atmosphere present. It is a custom that everyone greets one another and when you reply with "Servus" in your best Pinzgauerisch dialect, it will bring a smile to their faces.

During your stay we will do anything to let you experience the best of Austria, and especially the area of Hohe Tauern. Therefore you will find an information brochure in the Chalet with plenty of (sports) activities and events. We will keep this folder as up-to-date as possible.

At a stone's throw distance you will find various restaurants, a supermarket and Sportshops for ski rental. You can also use the "bread-service".

For bookings and reservations we work together with the experienced organization Chaletsplus. They are known to the region for many years and can assist you competently with your reservation.